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How to Type, Edit, and Format Documents in Various Indian Languages with iLEAP Software

A good web content tools is an Oracle Sitemap Generator. Here is a link you can download it.. Try and read the content that is on the Sitemap Generator first before writing the sitemap. Apart from this you can hire a good SEO firm to do the SEO for your website.

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The most exciting thing about this article is that after we publish a new article you will be able to download our articles to your mobile phone for free, which you can read even when you are away from your desk. You can also use your phone to read articles which are currently in production. Isn't that fantastic? Subscribe now to ILEAP and become a part of our family of readers, and we will be more than happy to keep you informed of all the new developments.

Fonto Lato - one of the most popular open source Indic transliteration software. I have not used it personally, but recommend to read this article to understand why this is the first open source Indic transliteration software. Fonto Lato is packaged in both Debian and Fedora package, along with the script for writing transliteration sequences. It is available as source, binary or from the owners site. Good Features: - It has a choice of fonts. - Conceptual and easy user interface.

DejaVu Sans - It is free and is one of the best Unicode fonts available, developed by DejaVu Fonts . This font is available in free, commercial or premium versions. Use the one appropriate for your requirements and budget.

AlienHac - This one is a bit like Fonto, but is developed by the same creator. Its Free, but only works with English. No other language support yet, but very active community and rapid development.


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