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The Movement

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

OFFSIDE, the book, was Rhonda’s story.

Now it’s time for OFFSIDE to be OUR story, YOUR story, HER story, HIS story, THEIR story – all of our stories. After all, we all have unique stories to share.

We want to tell the stories of other women who have faced and overcome challenges and obstacles in the sports world. But we also want to share the stories of others who have faced inequities both inside and outside of the sports world; of those who have faced barriers of any sort – gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or differently abled – in trying to accomplish their dreams or simply even do what they do and be who they are.

That’s the inspiration behind the growth of OFFSIDE, the book, into OFFSIDE, the movement. We want to share your stories with an honest and open dialogue, using tools such as our popular podcast and blogs, in hopes of creating real action toward changing systemic inequities and, eventually, building a truly equal world for all.

OFFSIDE aims to educate, promote and inspire action that will create true equity both on and off "the ice," in sports and beyond. Rhonda's story is representative of OFFSIDE’s greater “goals” of continuing our difficult shared work of creating a world where females are "on side,” the same side, as males; where equality is the norm not the exception.