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Hockey for a cause: The Sault Ste. Marie women's league dons decals to support players with cancer

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

By Taylor Dewling (edited by Kristen Lipscombe)

Since its inception, the Sault Ste. Marie Women’s Hockey League (WHL) has brought women of all skill

levels together to play the game.

Hockey is something all these women have in common. It connects each one of them like family.

Currently, two of the leagues long-time players are in a battle off the ice as well.

In this tight-knit women's hockey league, when a hockey player is facing adversity, teammates and opponents alike group together and harness the full strength of their teams.

And in this case, that support is needed. Two of the veteran players in this league have been diagnosed with cancer this season.

To support these two players, their teams and the league is inviting all WHL players in Sault Ste. Marie and anywhere else to support a fund-raising campaign in honour of these two women.

The teams sold lavender ribbon stickers with the saying, THE WHL SKATES 4 ALL, written across them. The No. 4 is used because both ladies wear that number on their jerseys. The colour lavender was selected to represent all of the different kinds of cancer.

The WHL Skates 4 All decal (Courtesy of the league's Facebook page).
The WHL Skates 4 All decal (Courtesy of the league's Facebook page).

The Belisle Lawbreakers and Northern Insurance teams invite all and any WHL player, WHL supporter, or hockey enthusiast to join them by purchasing a decal for a minimum donation of $5, and proudly wear them on their helmet.

These teams also organized a live stream of their first playoff game earlier this season, when they face off against each other. Both teams want fans to pack stands of all women's hockey games, to continue showing these women's hockey inspirations all of the love and support that they so deserve. Even though they may not be on the ice with their teams, they are always there, propelling their teammates forward. All proceeds were donated to the Sault Area Hospital Cancer Care Fund in their honour, with about $4,000 being raised total. For more information on the Sault Ste. Marie WHL, please visit:


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