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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Women's hockey mom and player Stephanie Zywien share love for the game

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Last time, we spoke with 10-year-old #ClaireZywien from Rochester, Mich., who started playing hockey with the boys when she was five years old and now plays on a girls' team.

But THIS time, hosts #OFFSIDE podcast hosts #RhondaTaylor and #DaveBriglio spoke with Claire's mom #StephanieZywien, who was SO inspired by her daughter's love for hockey that she decided to pick up a stick for the first time as an adult, "threw on some pads," and hit the ice with a women's rec league - and it seems she can't get enough of it because now she's playing senior competitive!

Here's what Stephanie had to say recently about learning to play the #femalegame as an adult and why she's proud to follow in her daughter's footsteps (#skatestrides?)

in the latest episode of our #OFFSIDE podcast:

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