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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Women's Hockey Builders Series, Episode 2

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The #OFFSIDE team is thrilled to bring the second installment of our podcast #BuilderSeries, featuring some major players in the growth of the #femalegame in Canada and beyond.

That includes #MurrayCostello, former NHL player and president of the Canadian Amateur

Hockey Association (CAHA), now Hockey Canada, and one the most well-known #womenshockey advocates in the world, as well as #PatReid, former board member and director of operations for the #CAHA, when the women in red and white actually wore pink -- and won their first world championship gold medal at the inaugural event in Ottawa, Ont.

This time, hosts #RhondaTaylor and #DaveBriglio chat with the guys about the development of Hockey Canada's Female Council and Canada's National Women's Program.

"You had to sell the proposition that there were enough players and enough interest, and enough skill... to play this game, which was generally thought to be a man's game," Costello recalled. "Many people of that era were of the opinion that this was too rough and tough a game for women to play."

"The expectations when people went to see a women's game were not very high," he said. "Many, many times -- including that first world championship, when they did come, they were surprised at the level of skill and ability... that the women showed. The old boys' club never expected this to be the case."

This is a must-listen for women's hockey history enthusiasts. Get Part 2 of our Builders Series here:

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