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REVIEWS: What people are saying about OFFSIDE: The Book

Updated: Feb 10, 2022


Let me say, right off the top, that I enjoyed reading Offside, your detailed book on women’s hockey, written from the perspective of a woman’s personal experience of being a participant in the modern regrowth of women’s hockey in Canada.

It’s not easy to put into print your own personal experiences, good and bad, in clear, concise descriptions and anecdotal back-up from actual happenings both on and off the ice. You not only did that, but you did it in well-expressed ways and, most importantly, in a fair and measured way around the numerous characters that crossed your path, some very good and some not so much so, but for the most part, expressed in a non-offensive or demeaning way. And, in my view, this is commendable in writing your own memoir!

-- Murray Costello, former president of Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (now Hockey Canada)


Dear Rhonda,

I just recently read your book and I want to thank you heaps for your memoir. It was beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes to hear of your tenacity to bring women’s hockey into its rightful place. I have never played hockey but I love it with the utmost passion. My husband says I wear my heart on my sleeve for my Vancouver Canucks. I’m sure you get many emails so I don’t expect a response but I just had to let you know how much your book meant to me especially considering there are not many hockey books written by women on the Canadian experience.

Thank you heaps,


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