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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Team Canada's Mask Makers

We are super pumped and we hope you are, too!

The #OFFSIDE podcast is making a massive comeback as the 2022 Olympic Winter Games quickly approach. In fact, we're about to make the transition from only audio to both audio and visual options for listeners and watchers!

Unfortunately, several months ago, we had to go on hiatus due to some personal health issues among our own team members, pressing pandemic-related challenges, and also as we were in the midst of a massive rebranding and website revamp.

With that in mind, we apologize that it has taken so long to get our podcast back on track, and we are very thankful for our past podcast guests, who have been so patient with us we get some of our more dated podcasts posted on our new website.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our awesome guests; for all the time and effort you have generously given to Team #OFFSIDE. We are super grateful, beyond words can express!

First up, and better later than never, we're featuring Team Canada's Mask Makers! Several months ago, and several COVID-19 phases/waves ago, we spoke with Genevieve Lacasse, Emerance Brae Maschmeyer and Jessie Eldridge about the homemade masks they had been sewing up to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. It's an inspiring and deeply personal story for these female hockey players, who seem to be just as talented with sewing machines as they are on skates!

Again, keep in mind that this audio podcast is a little dated, and much has changed over the past several months both in the #pandemic and hockey worlds, so we'll have to catch up with this awesome team of #MaskMakers for their latest updates on everything on and off the ice with these role models extraordinaire. Let's chat again soon, ladies!? And get you on video next time, too.

Thank you again to our incredible podcast guests, for everything you do to inspire the next generation of female role models.

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