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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - See What She Can Do

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

We've got another awesome podcast to please the ears! This time we have the pleasure of chatting with Caroline Wiley, president and co-founder of SeeWhatSheCanDo, an organization that describes itself as "a team of doers, dreamers, storytellers, sport-lovers and community builders with a common purpose to change the way active women are seen and see themselves."

Needless to say, the #OFFSIDE team members love #SeeWhatSheCanDo's values and goals, as they are so closely aligned with our own.

"See What She Can Do is a community for active women, women engaged in sport, and it's a place where these women and their supporters can find stories; they can find their community and they can find businesses," Wiley tells us, adding they "can connect with each other to be their best active selves ... and be inspired and engaged with the world of sport.

Learn more by checking out and listen to the full podcast here:

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