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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Power Skating Expert Britney Millar

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The latest #OFFSIDE podcast is out for your listening pleasure!It features fellow Kingston, Ont., native Britney Millar (podcast host Rhonda Taylor and commentator Kris Lipscombe are Kingstonians as well)!

Millar is a former NCAA Division I and professional women's hockey player, and now runs her own growing hockey business, Millar Power Skating, based out of Edmonton, Alta.

Millar is one of the few female power skating coaches with a purely competitive hockey background (not figure skating) who works with elite men's hockey players including NHL prospects and players, most recently including #KirbyDach, who was drafted third overall by the Chicago Blackhawks last year.

“Britney Millar helped me become the player that I am today, and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me," Dach says of his talented female coach.

Learn more about #MillarPowerSkating and how this barrier-breaking woman can help take "your skating a cut above" by checking out her website here:

Hear the full podcast here:

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