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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Hockey and sexuality researcher (and so much more!) Dr. Cheryl MacDonald

The first #OFFSIDE video podcast is here (but don't worry, audio is still available, too!).

Our President, Rhonda Taylor, and Vice-President, Kristen Lipscombe, had the incredible honour of sitting down (virtually) with Dr. Cheryl A. MacDonald, an alumna and postdoctoral scholar at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, who is renowned for her insightful and impactful research looking at masculinity and ice hockey. She's also long hosted the annual International Hockey Conference, which aims to "provide a broad spectrum of like-minded individuals with an opportunity to gather and analyze the sport from many perspectives."

In fact, Team #OFFSIDE was thrilled to join the 2021 edition of that world-renowned conference via Zoom to share our own values and goals as a sports equity movement. Thanks for having us, Dr. MacDonald! We had a great time sharing our own goals and dreams and just had to chat with your again on our own podcast!

In addition to the above accolades, Dr. MacDonald has twice been a media panellist for the NHL's #HockeyIsForEveryone initiative through the Edmonton Oilers. She has also been featured on Sportsnet's #InConversation with beloved hockey broadcaster Ron MacLean.

Dr. MacDonald's research has been published in the Sociology of Sport Journal and more recently, she has co-edited an anthology on ice hockey with Dr. Jon Edwards through the University of Alberta Press, entitled Overcoming the Neutral Zone Trap: Hockey's Agents of Change. AND to top that off, she was just recognized by The Hockey News as a social change advocate herself! We think that's pretty cool; cool as ICE, in fact!

We had a super interesting and engaging conversation about gender and sexuality in hockey with Dr. MacDonald. If these topics intrigue you and you want to learn more about how you can help create more inclusion and acceptance in the sports world, this is a conversation you don't want to miss out on, as Dr. MacDonald, Rhonda and Kristen come together to talk about how we can work together to open up the conversation and create real change when it comes to equity and diversity in hockey and beyond.

Thanks so much, Dr. MacDonald, for joining us. We know you'll continue to do amazing things to help advance equity, inclusion and diversity in sport and we'll be cheering you on in all of your future endeavours.

Watch the video version right here on our brand new YouTube channel (and subscribe while you're at it; we've got lot of awesome guests coming up soon):

Or if you prefer the audio version, listen on Change Makers Radio, where are archived podcasts are located, right here:

More information on Dr. Cheryl A. MacDonald:'

More information on the International Hockey Conference:

More information on Overcoming The Neutral Zone Trap:

Follow Dr. MacDonald on Twitter @drcherylmac!

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