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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Dr. Jen Welter, first female to coach in NFL!

We've got another incredible guest on #OFFSIDE: The Podcast this week! Hosts Rhonda Leeman Taylor and Kris Lipscombe were absolutely thrilled to have the chance to recently chat with Dr. Jen Welter, who is the first female to coach in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals.

"Following her record-breaking accomplishment with the Cardinals, Welter became the head coach of the first Australian women’s national team in 2017. Widely known as a trailblazer and pioneer in professional football, Welter became the first woman to play running back in a men's professional football league with the Texas Revolution. In early 2015, Welter was hired as the first female coach in men’s professional football, helping coach the most successful Revolution season in franchise history," Dr. Welter's website bio says.

"Prior to joining the world of men’s professional football, Welter had a highly decorated 14-year career in women’s professional football which included four World Championships, two gold medals as a member of Team USA in the 2010 and 2013 International Federation of American Football’s (IFAF) Women’s World Championship, and eight all-star selections. She was inducted into the first class of the Women’s Football Hall of Fame on November 30, 2018."​

Talk about a resume! But Welter isn't just working on the field to help create opportunities for girls and women in sport. She's also "a world-renowned speaker" and has written several books, including Play Big: Lessons in Being Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL, as well as a series of children's books called Critter Fitter, "where we teach kids to get fitter by using using critters, both in terms of motion and emotion," she told #OFFSIDE during our recent discussion."

"Don't follow my footsteps. Make your own path and do that because you're passionate about it and be the very best that you can in it," Dr. Welter advises. "The game is evolving constantly, which means more doors are opening every day. I tell people there's never been a better time for girls and women in football because you are all writing the future. This game will be what you make it."

Wise words from a wise woman! And she's accomplished so much more than what we've listed above! Learn more about Dr. Welter, the advice she has for other girls and women, and what she's done - and continues to do - for women in sport by tuning into our latest #podcast.

Learn more about Dr. Jen Welter by checking out her website here:

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