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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Canadian Blind Hockey leader Mark DeMontis on equity and inclusion in sport

Did you know that Team #OFFSIDE isn't only focused on improving and creating gender equity in sport?

We want to see true equity in the sports world for absolutely everyone -- regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability or disABILITY, race, ethnicity, religion or culture. What we learn from promoting and improving gender equity is a stepping stone to creating equity across the entire spectrum of our diverse population. We believe or own unique characteristics and identities making the world truly a more beautiful place.

With that in mind, we've expanded our discussions both on our podcast and in our blog to discuss inclusion and diversity beyond gender, and that includes addressing the challenges that physical differences can create, both on and off the ice, or any other field of play.

Earlier in this pandemic, before our website revamped slowed us down a bit, we spoke with the remarkable #MarkDeMontis, a two-time gold medalilst with Canada’s National Blind Hockey Team and honoured member of the Canadian Blind Hockey Hall of Fame in the Builders Category.

We learned about everything to #AdaptivePucks to the special connection that women's hockey has to the Canadian blind hockey community, including #HockeyCanada veteran Natalie Spooner, who is leading Canada's National Women's Team to #Beijing2022.

"I'd like to see, not just for blind hockey, but all disability hockey, to get more support in general," DeMontis told Team OFFSIDE.

Thank you, Mark, for you patience as we got your interview produced and put online. We're happy to announce we're now moving from just an audio podcast to both audio and video podcasts (catch our first video interview next week!), so we'd love to have you and other blind hockey leaders on again very soon!

Listen to our full podcast with Mark DeMontis of Canadian Blind Hockey on ChangeMaker Radio here:

And learn more about Canadian Blind Hockey here:

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