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OFFSIDE: The Podcast - Builders' Series Episode 3, Female Council Part 3

The boys are back!

#OFFSIDE: The Podcast hosts Rhonda Taylor, Dave Briglio and Kristen Lipscombe are overjoyed to welcome back hockey big-name builders former Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) and Hockey Canada president Murray Costello and former CAHA director of operations Pat Reid for the third and final series of our focus on HockeyCanada's #FemaleCouncil as part of this very special #BuildersSeries.

In this episode, Murray and Pat talk about everything from the infamous case of #JustineBlainey, who went all the way to the Ontario Court of Appeal as part of a gender discrimination lawsuit based on not being allowed to play for a guys' team that she was more than skilled to play for, to the just as renowned case of #AbbyHoffman, who cut her hair and registered herself as "Ab Hoffman" so that she could play with a boys' team since there were no girls' hockey teams in her area, which made it to the Ontario Supreme Court.

But this round table of hockey experts touches on several other topics in this episode as well, including some of the incredible Canadian women's hockey pioneers who played on the first-ever national teams back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

"I was skeptical, and perhaps it was my male bias coming forward, but I never really thought that women would be able to train the way men train, to play this rough and rowdy game of hockey," Costello himself admits to the OFFSIDE podcast panel. "But once they got hold of it; once they started, they trained even harder! I can't believe how hard they worked and how much they wanted to learn," he said. "The women really wanted to get better... and they still train that way today."

Women's hockey insiders and those just learning about the #femalegame don't want to miss this episode. It's full of incredible knowledge, history and never-before-heard stories.

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