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Watch Jaan Ki Baazi Online for Free: Hindi Action Movie in 720p Torrent

Jaan Ki Baazi Movie Free Download In Hindi 720p Torrent

If you are a fan of Bollywood action movies from the 1980s, you might have heard of Jaan Ki Baazi. It is a 1985 film starring Sanjay Dutt, Anita Raj, Anuradha Patel, and Gulshan Grover. The film is about a girl who is saved by a young man from being molested and murdered. They fall in love and get married, but their happiness is short-lived as the same group of bandits kill him. The girl then joins the police force and vows to take revenge on her husband's killers. She meets another man who looks exactly like her late husband and helps her in her mission.

Jaan Ki Baazi Movie Free Download In Hindi 720p Torrent


Jaan Ki Baazi is a typical masala entertainer with lots of action, romance, comedy, drama, and music. It was one of Sanjay Dutt's earliest films after his drug rehabilitation. The film was also remade in Telugu as Mr. Hero starring Dr. Rajasekhar.

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