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R-Type Final 2 Free Download (v1.4.2 DLC)

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R-Type Final 2 Free Download (v1.4.2 DLC)

Ten additional characters were added for the remastered release, bringing the total to 51 initial characters. Most of these newcomers in All-Star Battle R originate from CyberConnect2's subsequent JoJo game, Eyes of Heaven.[13] Four additional characters are set to be added to the remaster as post-launch downloadable content via a season pass,[3] with two others added as free DLC.

On November 5, 2022, two free downloadable characters, Weather Report and Enrico Pucci (Final) (the latter is the original ASB version of Pucci) from Stone Ocean were revealed to be coming to the game alongside the original game's Kennedy Space Center stage, to coincide with the release of the final episodes of Stone Ocean's anime adaptation. Both the characters and the stage were released on December 1, 2022.[33]

Famitsu gave All Star Battle a perfect 40/40.[66][67][68] The game was a winner in the "Future" division of the 2012 "Japan Game Awards".[69] The game sold over 500,000 pre-orders, and Namco Bandai producer Noriaki Niino thanked the fans of the manga series for making the game such a success.[70] In an import review, Kotaku praised the game for its imagination and faithfulness to the source material, but acknowledged glaring problems such as balance issues and Campaign Mode's structure that leans towards microtransaction-type social games.[71] In response to such criticisms domestically, CyberConnect2 released an update to the system to address balance problems on September 11, 2013,[72] with a second update to further address these issues for October 2013;[73] the recharge rate for Energy in Campaign Mode was also sped up to five minutes from 20 minutes starting September 6, 2013, without any announced final date[74] and several items that would have been paid for were made free.[75] Two more character balancing updates were released up through November 2013, during which time the Campaign Mode was updated to make five minutes the new permanent recharge rate.[76] As of March 31, 2014, the game has shipped 700,000 copies.[77] 041b061a72


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