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Toyota Forklift 7fd25 Service Manual

Very often, dishonest suppliers who do not have the opportunity to carry a guarantee and service for the forklifts sold deliberately mislead the buyers, changing (in the price list, certificate, contract) the year of production of the loading equipment used. Ten-year loader becomes a five-year old. When ordering spare parts, the customer learns that the year of manufacture of the truck specified by the seller does not correspond to reality. In addition, for the loaders of the output until 1995, the manufacturer's plate is often missing or does not indicate the year of manufacture of the loader. It is also possible that in the process of using the forklift truck, during its repair and painting, the plate was lost. In these cases, the year of manufacture of the loader can be specified roughly. For your convenience in determining and checking the years of production of forklifts, we give the list of years of production of some forklifts:

Toyota Forklift 7fd25 Service Manual

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