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Bremerton Police Reports

Police Departments in Bremerton, WA are law enforcement agencies that are responsible for policing the Bremerton community. Bremerton police promote public safety by preventing crime, stopping crimes in process, criminal investigations, and by providing first response to emergencies.

bremerton police reports does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You may not use this site for the purposes of furnishing consumer reports about search subjects or for any use prohibited by the FCRA. 2023 County Office. All Rights Reserved.

A flurry of allegations resulted in an investigation and varying levels of discipline, and documents associated with the investigation portray a culture of favoritism in the Explorer Post, a program for young people interested in police work that the woman had joined.

"For a new Explorer that was in the program to learn about law enforcement, (she) seemed to be very comfortable in the police department setting and referred (to) too many of the officers on a first-name basis," according to an investigator's report commissioned by Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent. That report was completed by Janice Corbin of Sound Employment Solutions.

Wolfe admitted to Rogers that it was a "colossal mistake" to let the 18-year-old take the use of force reports. And though he acknowledged the perception of an inappropriate relationship, he denied any inappropriate contact.

Lent hired Corbin, who called the police investigations of Greenhill and Wolfe "lackluster," though she did not elaborate. But she said a second investigation of Wolfe wasn't necessary. She gave a number of recommendations, including an explicit policy that prohibits sexual or romantic relationships between officers and Explorers or volunteers.

  • Thank you for helping the City of Bremerton! With the Bremerton1 app you can report any issue that you think the city needs to be aware of, from zoning issues to potholes.The start screen welcomes you and serves as a reminder to call 911 if there is an emergency. Touch anywhere on the screen to close the screen.The arrow in the top left moves the buttons on the left off of the screen, leaving more viewing area for smaller mobile devicesMain ScreenThe choices on the left allow you to:Report Issues allows you to:Report issues in the city

  • Report police tips

  • Report Location of surveillance camera

  • Report a crime

  • Check current traffic conditions

  • Check current weather and forcasts

  • Report IssueReport issue gives you have the option of reporting a city issue or a police issue. City issues include thing like:potholes

  • graffiti

  • vegetation

  • vandalism

  • etc.

  • Police issues include: registering a surveillance camera

  • UN-registering a surveillance camera

  • sending the police a crime tip

  • and reporting a crime

  • Report City IssueSelecting Report City Issue enables you to: Enter you contact info (required)

  • Enter additional comments (optional)

  • Take pictures. (optional)

  • Pick the location (required)

  • Pick the issue that you are reporting (optional)

  • Send the report

Pick Location opens a map to report the locations of the issue. IF you have location services enabled on the mobile device, it will zoom to your location. If you start typing an address in the address box at the top of the screen, it will give a list of addresses as you type.Clicking on one of the suggestions will pan the map to that address.Police ReportsIf you have a surveillance camera that the police can use footage from if there is a crime in the neighborhood, please use the Register Police Camera button to let us know. To remove the camera from our database, use the UN-Register camera button.You can also leave the police a crime tip or report a crime.reporting a crime tipTrafficThe City of Bremerton is a waze city partner and can update the waze database when there are road closures do to police activity, construction work etc..WeatherChoosing Weather gives you the current weather conditions and the forecast for the coming week.NewsNews is an RSS reader that pulls the latest news from the City of Bremerton's news RSS feed.EventsEvents is an RSS reader that pulls the current events from the City of Bremerton's event RSS feed.City TweetsCity Tweets is a reader of the City of Bremerton's Twitter Account.Police TweetsPolice Tweets include some humor, photos of wanted people and vehicles, press realeases, and ways the citizens can help the City of Bremerton police department.LocationsLocations shows a map of the City of Bremerton's parks, fire departments, city hall, etc. Touching an item on the map triggers a popup that will display further information.

How long does it take for my report to be available? Officers completing the collision reports have 2-4 weeks to complete their investigation and have their report approved by their supervisor. It is typically available much sooner, but that is the guideline.

Two men were arrested Tuesday after reports of gunfire near an East Bremerton apartment complex, with a witness at the scene tackling and restraining one of the suspects believed to have fired the gun.

Police found shell casings and bullet holes in a nearby building at about noon near the intersection of Schley Boulevard and Callahan Drive, but no gunshot wounds were reported in a Bremerton police statement issued that evening.

Officer Allan McComas suffered a gunshot wound to the waist and was released from a hospital on Sunday. McComas has been a police officer for five years, the last year and a half with the Bremerton Police Department, according to a statement by Bremerton Police Chief Steven Strachan.

Olympic College Security responds to security concerns, including crime reports, safety hazards, accidents, injuries, parking enforcement, vehicle unlock/jumpstart, lost and found, lock cutting, and requests for campus security escorts. They can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by using one of the Emergency Call Boxes located on campus, or by contacting:

The letter centers around labor issues between the union and police management that have sent the two sides to arbitration for the first time in several years. The letter also took umbrage with the way Du Fresne allegedly chatted with officers over a survey the union disseminated to mayoral candidates before the primary election.

The letter states the union has filed multiple unfair labor practice complaints against the police department administration. It criticized the department's performance standards requiring officers to average 2.29 tickets or arrests each shift. It also stated officers must attend mandatory training concerning blood-borne pathogens on their own time.

The state ruled the police administration improperly imposed the performance standards without first negotiating with the union. It ordered the department use any standards that were in place before the change.

By Ken Alltucker Sun Staff Saying that police department bickering has "gotten out of hand," Bremerton Mayor Lynn Horton told police management and union officials this week that dissent will stop or else. Horton said the "unprofessional" behavior of the police department has ... [Read More...]

Police officers will decide next week on their support of chief Paul Du Fresne, while labor talks continue. By Ken Alltucker Sun Staff The union representing Bremerton police officers will decide Tuesday whether it has confidence in Police Chief Paul Du Fresne and ... [Read More...]

* The police department must stop requiring officers to log 2.29 tickets and arrests each shift, a policy that coincides with a 50 percent increase in tickets. By Ken Alltucker Sun Staff A Bremerton Police Department policy requiring officers average more than two traffic tickets and ... [Read More...]

* A lieutenant will for a time fill the shoes of resigning police chief Paul Du Fresne. Bremerton police Lt. Rob Forbes' amicable working relationships with officers is one reason Mayor Lynn Horton chose him to take over as interim chief while the city ... [Read More...]

* The police union president says he is not surprised by the steep increase in the number of traffic tickets. By Ken Alltucker Sun Staff The number of traffic tickets issued in Bremerton has surged more than 50 percent since a new police department policy ... [Read More...]

While Headwaters Forest Defense discussed the reasonableness of employing pepper spray against a group of protestors, the factual circumstances and procedural posture of that case differ dramatically from the case at hand. In Headwaters, a small group of passive environmental demonstrators (between 2-7 people) used lock-down devices to physically link themselves together so that the police would have difficulty removing them. On three separate occasions the police chose to re-apply pepper spray to the demonstrators' eye-lids and face, instead of removing the lock-down devices. We did not decide whether the use of pepper spray constituted excessive force in that case. Instead, we considered whether the district court erred in directing a verdict for the municipal defendants in light of the evidence in the record. Because the record in that case contained "vigorously disputed" facts and raised substantial questions regarding the reasonableness of using pepper spray against a small group of passive demonstrators, we held that on the record the district court erred. We do not decide whether Headwaters remains good law in this Circuit in light of Saucier. But we note that the Ninth Circuit's &#167 1983 analysis employed in Headwaters, 240 F.3d at 1206-09, was specifically rejected by the Supreme Court in Saucier, 121 S. Ct. at 2155. 041b061a72


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