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Bensen Gyrocopter Plans PDF - How to Build Your Own Gyrocopter

If you are looking for a fun and affordable way to experience the thrill of flying, you might want to consider building your own gyrocopter. A gyrocopter, also known as a gyroplane or autogyro, is a type of rotorcraft that uses an unpowered rotor in autorotation to create lift, and a powered propeller to provide thrust. Unlike a helicopter, a gyrocopter does not need a tail rotor to counteract the torque of the main rotor, and can fly safely at low speeds and altitudes.

One of the most popular and successful designs of gyrocopters was created by Igor Bensen, a Russian-American engineer and inventor. Bensen founded the Bensen Aircraft Corporation in 1952, and developed a series of gyrocopters that were easy to build and fly by amateur enthusiasts. His first model was the B-8 Gyro-Glider, which was a towed rotorcraft that did not have an engine. The pilot relied on an automobile to pull the aircraft aloft, and then controlled the direction of flight by tilting the rotor blades with a stick. The B-8 Gyro-Glider was sold as a kit or as a set of plans, and hundreds of them were built by hobbyists around the world.

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The B-8M Gyro-Copter

In 1957, Bensen introduced the B-8M Gyro-Copter, which was a powered version of the Gyro-Glider. The B-8M had a small engine mounted on the mast behind the pilot, which drove a propeller at the rear. The engine could be either a flat-four McCulloch 4318 or a 1600cc Volkswagen engine, depending on the preference of the builder. The B-8M could take off and land in short distances, and had a cruising speed of about 60 mph. The B-8M was also sold as a kit or as a set of plans, and became one of the most popular gyrocopters ever made.

The B-8MV Gyro-Copter

In 1962, Bensen introduced another variant of the B-8M, called the B-8MV Gyro-Copter. The B-8MV had a V-shaped tail instead of a conventional fin and rudder, which improved the stability and handling of the aircraft. The B-8MV also had an improved rotor head design, which allowed for smoother and more precise control of the rotor pitch. The B-8MV was also compatible with either the McCulloch or the Volkswagen engine.

How to Get the Bensen Gyrocopter Plans PDF

If you are interested in building your own Bensen gyrocopter, you can still get the original construction plans in PDF format from various sources online. One such source is [Build A Gyrocopter], which offers the Bensen B-8 Gyro-Glider plans for $1.95. You can also get the plans for the offset gimbal assembly, the wood blade plans, the joy stick control, and other components from this website.

Another source is [Rotary Wing Forum], which is a community of gyrocopter enthusiasts who share their knowledge and experience with each other. One of the members of this forum, Minnesota_Mike, has scanned all the original Bensen construction plans in full size PDFs, and has offered to redistribute them to anyone who is interested. You can contact him through the forum and request any or all of the plans that he has. He has plans for both glider and powered versions of the Bensen gyrocopters, as well as for floats and cowlings.


Bensen gyrocopters are among the most iconic and successful designs of rotorcraft ever made. They are simple, robust, and fun to fly, and can be built by anyone with some basic skills and tools. If you want to experience the joy of flying your own gyrocopter, you can get the original Bensen gyrocopter plans PDF from online sources and start your project today.


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