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Plant Biology Alison Smith Pdf 22

Plant Biology by Alison M. Smith and others

Plant Biology is a new textbook written for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. It is an account of modern plant science, reflecting recent advances in genetics and genomics and the excitement they have created. The book begins with a review of what is known about the origins of modern-day plants. Next, the special features of plant genomes and genetics are explored. Subsequent chapters provide information on our current understanding of plant cell biology, plant metabolism, and plant developmental biology, with the remaining three chapters outlining the interactions of plants with their environments. The final chapter discusses the relationship of plants with humans: domestication, agriculture and crop breeding.

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The book is authored by Alison M. Smith, George Coupland, Liam Dolan, Nicholas Harberd, Jonathan Jones, Cathie Martin, Robert Sablowski, and Abigail Amey. It was published in 2009 by Garland Science and has 680 pages. The book is available in both print and ebook formats.

Why read this book?

This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to plant biology. It covers a wide range of topics, from the molecular to the ecological level, using examples from diverse plant groups. It also integrates the latest research findings and techniques, such as genome sequencing, gene editing, and synthetic biology. The book is written in a clear and engaging style, with many illustrations, diagrams, and tables to aid understanding. The book also includes learning objectives, summaries, and references for each chapter, as well as online resources for further study.

How to get this book?

You can get this book from various sources online or offline. Here are some links to help you find the best option for you:

  • : This is the official publisher's website, where you can buy the print or ebook version of the book.

  • : This is a non-profit library of millions of free books, where you can borrow the ebook version of the book for 14 days.

  • : This is an online bookstore that sells ebooks in various formats, where you can buy the ebook version of the book.

I hope this article helps you learn more about plant biology and this book. Happy reading!


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