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Download File Jami.7z

I can offer any kind of private assistance for every problem concerning P7Zip Desktop through my mail ( or through my Telegram profile (, do not hesitate to contact me if you notice any possible issue or if you want to ask anything, I am at your disposal.

Download File Jami.7z

How to fix it is your decision. You can use a full path spec instead of just a filename, or put the filename in a special "Resources" directory and reference it using a relative path, or move the file to wherever your default directory is.

The problem there is that java isn't able to find the "result.csv" file in the project folder. Thus, try to use the fully qualified path to the file, e.g. C:\your_folder\project\result.csv in the Path variable. Also I think It would be better to use bufferedreader like this: BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(insert here the String in which is defined the path to the file)); Check the uses of BufferedReader here

If you're a MacOSX user please type the file path manually instead of copying it from "Get Info".You'll get something like this if you copied it from "Get Info":/Users/username/Desktop/source.txt

I had the same error caused by escaped characters on windows file path. For example, my application was looking for "C:\Users\david\my%20folder%20name\source.txt" meanwhile the real path was "C:\Users\david\my folder name\source.txt". 041b061a72


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