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Giveaway: ABBYY Screenshot Reader V11 For Free

Getting ABBY Screenshot Reader for free is a great deal as it performs well. It has support for over 150 languages and provides an option to edit in any of these languages. You can schedule a screenshot or take it immediately depending on your preferences. It is a good software that will increase your productivity by saving you a lot of time that you could have used in editing the documents.

Giveaway: ABBYY Screenshot Reader v11 for Free

Don't care for FSC freeware near inaudible screenshot audio cue ? Never fear: Everything you always wanted to know about... Grafting a neater camera-like snapshot sound to FastStone Capture v5.3...;-) =83541#p83541Cheers,__philippe

I've been running into some issues with Faststone Capture and Windows 8. When I attempt to draw on the screenshot and apply my changes, FastStone freezes.I'm now using a Firefox extension instead - -US/firefox/addon/awesome-screenshot-capture-/

As a web developer and graphic designer, I've been uding this tool for over 4 years, most time on a daily basis alongside onenote. So far I have only tested a few other screenshot tools before and they were bloated with crappy UI. The 3 main reasons why I find it so great; friendly UI design, it's lite on resources and loaded with tons of extras all for free.Most used features are crop, resize, draw, capture entire page and copy.

Good enough for me to take time out to write this comment.This has an editor rich feature that makes adding your arrows and other effects like text to the capture very easily and painlessly, even your computer illiterate cousin or girl/boy friend (dare I sound bigoted,- the wife) could handle.This is free and the apps today -superbly written, no memory hogs -so you don't go leaking around -on a stick -capture, most likely are embarrassed that they charged you over a $1.00 USD -when compared to this gem.I see alot of "oh -try this -or that -or my favorite program ----" -and I know instantly -either by the title or the comment, that the commenter took no effort to even try this app.nuff said -But wait.Thanks for the link to this!Professionally written program.My favorite for the desktop, USB, anything I can stick it in.I hope the reader will see that this developer has quality. Go for this and look at their other stuff.Most likely worth every cent.

Did you read the description above Karsten? It says right up below the Synopsis that the app has gone payware from v 5.4, the last fully free is 5.3 which has been made available from the Download link just to the right of the Website link.FSCapture is good, but even better, take a look at FastStone Image Viewer (v3.2 is what I have) - it has a built in screen capture which looks like it is exactly the same as FSCapture, but on steroids. (Click File, Screen Capture and then choose from all the same types that FSCapture has - Foreground Window, Window or object, Rectangle region, Freehand region, Full screen). The only thing it doesn't seem to have is the hot keys, but that is minor.The 30 day trial pay version of FSCapture allows you to set edges (torn etc.) on all sides, while this last free version allows it on 2 sides only. FSViewer goes even further and allows all the same editing, highlighting, drop shadows etc. and on top of that, you also have 88 (yes - eighty eight!) frame masks which do the whole torn edges, hearts, and other special effects on the edges, as well as rotating the screenshot to any angle you specify, and much more. I think I will be removing FSCapture from my PC and using only FSViewer from now on. Only one thing more I would like to see in FSViewer - the ability to save an image to a Windows icon .ICO file.

I'm quite impressed. Portable and free, yet it functions as well as--if not better than--SnagIt! As for Ram, I think it's fantastic without capturing videos or flash movies because it does what it's made for perfectly: screenshots, not capture movies.


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