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Partner Rings For Couples and Their Significance The Ultimate Guide

Rings for partners are relatively new in the jewelry world and are growing in popularity. This is due to the fact that many couples are happy without a marriage certificate.

What exactly are they? In our guide, we answer these questions and more and describe what partner rings are.


Partner rings are exactly what they sound like These are two rings that couples wear. They are a good alternative to engagement rings or wedding rings since they represent the sentiment and meaning of a vow to be faithful but are not tied to an official ceremony.

The meaning of partner rings

Rings have long been considered to be a symbol of love and connection because of their round shape. Wedding invitations usually feature two rings that are intertwined, and the exchange is among the most significant aspects of wedding ceremonies.

Partner rings are a symbol for the bond between two individuals. Anyone who wears such a piece of jewelry is demonstrating to their loved one and the world at large that they are part of a meaningful relationship. The rings symbolize the bond of love, affection, and belonging together as an entire couple.

What's the difference between partner engagement ring and a partner?

The promise that comes with an engagement ring makes it distinct from a partner ring. While partner rings can be bought or given away and worn "just as they are" the engagement ring means that there will soon be a wedding.

In addition, handing over an engagement ring can be a little more complicated - since it is affixed to the partner's finger following an engagement proposal. Usually only one person wears an engagement ring. Usually, it is the woman while the man proposes.

Although women are also planning secretly wedding proposals these days but this is not common. If you're not a fan of surprises or don't want to follow the traditional separation of roles, partner rings are the best alternative. You can purchase them for yourself or pick a design with your partner. This way, you'll find the perfect jewelry for you and your partner.


First of all: any ring can be used an earring for a partner. Particularly if you pick your jewelry together you can both choose a ring that suits your personal preferences. If, for instance, your partner dreams of wearing a diamond ring, but you prefer to wear the simplest ring of precious metal is fine.

It's a lot more enjoyable when the rings are matched. This emphasizes the symbolism of unity. You wear one ring, while your partner wears the same ring. Many partner rings are specially created to make it easily identifiable at first glance. The rings differ like a set of two rings with a feminine design and an emerald for women and a larger one for males.

How do I choose the best ring for my partner?

It is simple to pick rings that you and your partner like together. There are a few things you should think about. Your budget plays a significant part: How much do you want and what can you afford the jewelry? The material of the ring for example, depends on this. Gold and platinum are more expensive, while silver or stainless steel are cheaper. Take into consideration how often you wear the jewelry. A durable, robust metal is best for everyday wear.

Who pays for the partner rings?

There are no rules in the purchase of partner rings. If you'd like to give your loved one a surprise, you can buy the rings yourself and give them as an present. If you and your partner are looking for a ring that is a part of yours The cost could easily be divided - with the idea that you both pay for the other's ring.


Diamonds Factory, for example, has a large selection of partner rings. When purchasing jewelry online you should pay particular attention to the reviews, ratings and good customer service. Since you don't have the opportunity to try the jewelry like you can in a shop it is important to determine the size of your ring before purchasing. Find out how to determine this in our article on the ring size.


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