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Mason Green
Mason Green

[S2E6] Chapter Sixteen

Firstly, now that Din Djarin has won and now holds the Dark Sabar. Will he go back to Mandalore with Bo-Katan as their new leader? Having handed Grogu into the care of Luke Skywalker he no longer has a set mission. Also, will The Mandalorian ever get to see Grogu again? Or is that chapter of his journey over. What does the future hold for Grogu as he trains under Luke Skywalker? Will we ever see him again?

[S2E6] Chapter Sixteen

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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun has been serialized weekly in the Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine since March 2nd, 2017, and presently has 28 tankōbon volumes published by Shōnen Champion Comics. As of May 2020, the first sixteen manga volumes cumulatively reached a total of 4 Million copies sold.[1] Previously on January 2020, this was 2.5 Million.[2] In July 2022, the first 27 volumes reached 10 million copies sold.[3] 041b061a72


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