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Official Site To Buy Colosseum Tickets !EXCLUSIVE!

Yes. Your entry into the Colosseum must be purchased online via the Co-op culture site, a ticket partner or tour company. We recommend buying Colosseum tickets via GetYourGuide for convenience, flexibility and the best price.

official site to buy colosseum tickets

Colosseum tickets bought on third party sites are available 30 days in advance. Tiqets has a great function for early birds that allows you to get a notification as soon as tickets for the day you wish to visit become available.

All visits to the Colosseum must be booked in advance. While same-day bookings are accepted during the week, weekend (Saturday and Sunday) visits, and visits during national holidays must typically be booked at least 24 hours in advance, either online or by calling the official booking site at +3939967700.

On the other hand, tickets and tours bought via third-party booking sites have very flexible cancellation and modification options. In any case, and no matter which site you decide to use to buy your Colosseum ticket, always read the fine print before hitting the pay button!

As of right now, typically two or three weeks in advance. If you want to get tickets right now, you will have to go via third party sites. I actually recommend that because third party sites have a way more flexible cancellation / refund and reschedule policy too.

Below you can see the prices for all colosseum tickets. By buying your colosseum tickets online you will incur a slight mark up on the price that corresponds to the booking fee, in exchange for the advantages listed above: skipping the line, being able to choose the date and time slot of your visit, not being left without tickets because there are too many visitors on a given day, etc.

I have to two questions:One: I am a bit confused about which website I should use to buy the tickets to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. Rick Steves' guide says under the "cost and hours" section, later on when he explains how to get the tickets for the underground and third ring tour he writes another website, which I have seen in this forum as the official site, Are they the same? What calls my attention is that the telephone number (if I choose to buy the tickets over the phone) is the same. Where have you bought your tickets?

Second: I thought that the underground and third ring tour was a permanent tour but now I saw it will end on April 30th. Any idea if they close it and re-open again during the year? If so, can I book this tour after having the tickets for the three sites?

This is also the site where you get the phone number to book the underground tour once more dates are released. Even if you have already purchased entry tickets you can still call to book the tour. Just let them know you already have the tickets so they don't charge you the entry fee again. The tour will only cost an additional 9 euros each. If they try to tell you it's 22.50 euros they are also charging you for entry.

Glen, you did not book a tour for your daughter. She only has entry tickets. She doesn't get on the tour for free, she must pay the same fee as everyone else. The only thing she gets for free is the entry into the sites. Tours are not covered by the "free" entry. Your cost for your entry fee plus tour tickets plus service charges should be around 33 euros. I would call them back to book her on the tour.

I am also confused by the website. I visited the site and found where to buy tickets, but I cannot figure out how to book a date and time. Do you just print your voucher and show up whenever you'd like to visit?

Scheduling a time for your visit to the Colosseum can be done on the official ticket website. When you purchase your ticket, you will be asked to select a time. You will only be able to buy a ticket for available times.

There are two other websites we recommend for booking Colosseum entry ticket with a timeslot. These can be a little more expensive than the official site but are a lot more user friendly in our experience. We suggest checking on both of these as the prices tend to vary.

If you are travelling with children who are eligible for free entry, you also need to reserve a timeslot for your entry, which you can do either on the official site (using the guidance for free entry), or you can reserve a fast-track entry for children on this website.

There are many third-party websites that will sell you tickets for the Colosseum, however if all you want is the regular individual access without a guide or other access, then the official website is definitely where you should start.

Unfortunately, tickets on the official website do tend to sell out pretty quickly. So if you have a date in mind, I recommend marking a date in your calendar a month in advance to check the official site. Sometimes last minute tickets are available, but this is not guaranteed. If you are struggling to find tickets, see the section of the post on how to get tickets when they are sold out on the official site.

Another thing to note is that tickets bought from the official website cannot be refunded, nor can you change the date and time. Some third party sites do allow for refunds and changes, so if this is important to you do check the terms when purchasing.

Our next choice for Colosseum tickets would be either these options on the tiqets website or these options on GetYourGuide. We use both these sites for tickets in cities across Europe and it is worth checking them both as prices and availability can vary.

As well as offering fast-track entry tickets for children, Tiqets also sell Colosseum tickets for adults. Using this link gives you a 5% discount on the normal tiqets price for these tickets. Whilst these tickets are slightly more expensive than the official site, we find the tiqets site a lot easier to use.

If you are visiting Rome in the busier months, particularly over the summer and holiday periods, you might discover that there are no timeslots available on the official website, especially for the basic entry ticket.

For example, there are tickets for the Colosseum which include an audioguide or a videoguide. They are not guided tours, so you go into the individual entrance, but there is a different allocation for these tickets. You can get these tickets on the official website, or here.

There are also tickets available on the official website which get you into more areas, like the arena, underground area, or Bellevue area. Again, these are a little bit more expensive, but you will experience more, and visit some of the less crowded area.

The official Colosseum website recommends that you turn up 30 minutes earlier than your reservation, and no later than 15 minutes after your reservation time. If you turn up before or after these times, you will likely not be granted entry.

If you would prefer to buy an individual ticket for your visit to the Colosseum, then we suggest either the official website here (usually cheapest but not always the easiest website to navigate), the Tiqets website here (using our link saves you 5% on their price), or the GetYourGuide website here.

If you already have an entry ticket from the official site, and need assistance for any reason, look for the CoopCulture staff. A commenter has pointed out that these will only be on site during opening hours, so if you arrive earlier than opening, it is easy to be misled by other official looking ticket sellers who will likely try to sell you a tour.

It can be tempting to think about visiting the Colosseum on the days when entry is free. However, what you save in money you lose in time and crowds. The Colosseum tends to be very busy on the free days, and tickets are only available in person at the site. These are on a first come first served basis, which means you can spend a great deal of time standing in line.

Thanks for such a detailed post. So, I am traveling with my mum and brother from the U.S. I really do want a guided tour but knowing my brother, he would want to see the underground. From the official site, I see that the guided tour of the underground only covers the underground OR also access to the upper floors not the colosseum itself. Which do you think is best? Do a guided tour of the colosseium itself or a guided tour of the upper floors and underground with an audio tour of the colosseium and forum etc? Thanks.

If you arrive at any of these sites/parks without a ticket, you will be told to go online to book one, using your smartphone or tablet. You should be able to get tickets for the same day, especially if you are just booking standard entry, but you may not be able to go until a later time slot, so it's really best to book in advance if you can.

You can no longer pay extra to include the S.U.P.E.R sites with the standard Colosseum tickets, and you still only get 1 entrance to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill area, so you will need to plan enough time to see everything you want in one go.

As you have probably noticed already on the official website of the Colosseum, tickets sell out very fast, and it can be difficult to get a ticket last minute. Usually, you need to book the tickets in advance, often one to four months ahead, depending on the season.

The price for the entrance to the Colosseum is 16 euros per person + 2 euros for the reservation. It is active for 48 hours, and you can visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Palatine hill using this ticket. Moreover, there are several ticket desks located in the site area. So you can buy tickets in the morning before the opening time. The Colosseum works daily from 8.30 am. It is closed on January 1 and December 25.

You can use your Roma Pass to visit the Roman Colosseum along with many other sites. As an option, you can visit the amphitheater one hour before its closing time, during its last admission time. Usually, there are no crowds, and time queuing for the entrance is minimal. On average, the Colosseum is mostly crowded from afternoon to 3.30 pm. First, however, you should go online to check tickets for Roma Pass holders. 041b061a72


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