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How to Install and Enjoy Skat 2095 on Windows 3.x and DOS

Skat 2095 is a simulation of the card game skat and the successor of Skat 2010. There are many variants, but here is the principle: The game is usually played with three persons. Two of the players are playing against a single one but are not allowed to communicate. Each card has a value and one suit is called "Trumpf". In every round each player looses one of his card and the one which played the "Trumpf" card with the highest value gets all the played cards. If no "Trumpf" is played the highest value scores. At the end each player counts the values of his cards. The goal for the single player is to get more points than the other two combined.The main feature of Skat 2095 is the integration of many local skat variants. If your favorite rule set is not included you can create it yourself with the freely adjustable rules. In comparison to Skat 2010 there are a few new features: A tutorial, animated graphics by German artist Uli Stein and more voice acting.In the shareware version you can't change the rules, can't change the names of your opponents and can't save your game. Additional there are other smaller restrictions during the gameplay.In 2001 there was a commercial special edition distributed which features only the official rules.

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