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It is well known that a significant portion of our informationconcerning the Buddhist Personalists derives from their mainstreamopponents' often caricatured depictions and arguments. Mutatis mutandis,the same is true of our knowledge of the uses and interpretations of theBharaharasutra. For apart from two concise allusions in the SNS, (36) all weknow stems from anti-Pudgalavada sources, nearly all of which have theirPersonalist opponent mentioning the sCara as providing canonical support forthe existence of the pudgala: if the self or the person does not exist, howis one to account for the fact that the Buddha referred to it in variousscriptures? In short, he who denies the existence of the pudgala makeshimself guilty of agamavirodha, "contradiction with scripture." Theargument must have been so famous (or, at least, so obvious) to Indianintellectuals that it made its way into the work of the fiercelyanti-Buddhist philosopher Uddyotakara:

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