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Buy Drapes [WORK]

Easy to buy: We found a lot of custom-made blackout drapes, which can start at $500 a panel and take a while to have made. We looked for more affordable options and also for curtains that are consistently available. To make sure the curtains we recommend will stay in stock, we mainly focused on retailers selling the same styles year after year.

buy drapes


Choosing curtains or drapes for your bedroom, living room or kitchen can be challenging. To make it easier, your first considerations should be practical. Note which direction the room faces, consider what the room is used for, and plan accordingly. Here are a few tips.

The curtains and drapes you choose can have a dramatic impact on the look of your home. Window treatments aren't just for looks, however. They're also good for providing privacy and limiting the amount of sunlight that gets into the room. At Pottery Barn, you'll find an array of drapes, curtains and other window treatments to suit your needs and preferences.

When shopping for window treatments, it's important to first understand the difference between drapes and curtains. Drapes are traditionally made from a heavy, opaque fabric that blocks light from entering the window. They have a formal appearance and are usually floor-length.

Curtains are lighter than drapes. They're usually unlined and don't prevent light from entering the room. They can be floor-length, although you'll see shorter curtain lengths as well. You can hang curtains and drapes together for a layered look; the drapes go on the outside and can be tied back to reveal sheer curtains underneath.

Curtains and drapes are a great way to tie the look of a room together. For example, you could choose window treatments that match your sofa for a monochromatic look, or those that contrast for a bold style. Pottery Barn has everything you need to give your windows a stylish new look, including curtain rods and hardware.

I have their Bellino Curtains in the color Oat Cream. They are so pretty and slightly textured. They have a really nice drape to them and come in longer lengths. But this brand has so many good curtains so check their other drapes for more options.

Blackout curtains are installed in the same way as standard curtains and drapes. To get the most out of the room-darkening qualities, measure a couple of inches beyond the window frame on all sides. Using wraparound rods (which bring the drapes all the way around to the wall) is another way to ensure that most light will be blocked.

Curtains and drapes are a popular way to cover and enhance windows with an interior design element that adds something unique to your home. Not only do window treatments provide insulation properties that save on energy, but they can turn a nicely decorated room into a finished showpiece. Curtain Panels, Tiers, Scarf Swags and Valances - the window curtain selection is endless. We offer ready-made drapes that have custom options - add lining, interlining, blackout and grommets or back-tabs and select from a number of standard (84", 96") to extra long draperies in 108" inch or in 120" inches length. Plus, we do COM (Customers Own Material). If you find a fabric in our ready-made collection (or elsewhere online) that you need completely custom window treatments (extra wide draperies, fabric roman shades, top treatment) - contact us for a quote! Many of our fabrics can be ordered by the bolt for a made to order custom window treatment design, especially to fit to your exact needs.

Our curtains and drapes are all customized and built to your specifications and can be installed by anyone going down the DIY route. However, you are not alone! Our guides on How to Measure and How to Install for curtains and draperies are full of the information you need to tackle the project yourself and be confident in your choices. In addition, we have in-house design consultants available to discuss your project and any questions you may have. They are only a phone call away at 1-800-505-1905.

Simple but brimming with personality, ripplefold drapery by Spiffy Spools is an exercise in restraint. Offering a beautiful, tailored look, ripplefold drapes glide gently along a track, each fold falling evenly and perfectly into position.

Uniform fall and pleats. The ultra-even folds of ripplefold curtains are architecturally stunning, offering a clean, sleek look inside the room and from outside. Curtains are sewn with a snap tape on top hem, and each snap connects to a carrier on the ripplefold track. Since the snaps and carriers are at equal distance, the mechanism keeps the ripples at exact equal distance, giving drapes a uniform fall and a flawlessly consistent look every time!

Minimum stack, maximum light. Since ripplefold drapes stack back to the very end of the pole, they take less stackback space when open, exposing more window/glass than conventional pleated drapery. This allows more light to enter in. For clients looks to minimise stackback area, we recommend choosing sheers or other lightweight fabrics and keeping them unlined if possible.

SPIFFY TIP #1: Under width specification for ripplefold drapes, we do *not* require finished width for your panels. Under this selection, please provide exact width of your ripplefold track. Our stylists and tailors will calculate panel widths based on track widths.

A couple things about my curtain philosophy (because, yes, at this point I have one.) Curtains should be 1) thick, because privacy is a must; 2) easily operable, because I have better things to do than spend 10 minutes each morning and night drawing the drapes; 3) long, because all the interior designers in the world say curtains should be hung high and wide, and I believe them; and 4) affordable.

But considering a drapery wand is little more than a two buck dowel rod, I decided to make one instead, for less than $5 a wand. Go check it out, if you too are obsessed with owning easily-opened drapes.

Choosing the right window treatments can elevate any room while ensuring that the space has the perfect amount of light and ventilation. For those who like minimal light and sound entering their bedroom space, drapes are an ideal choice. Typically stiffer and lined with other fabric, the best drapes often extend from the top of the window to the bottom of the wall, sometimes puddling attractively on the floor. They come in a pair and are available in luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, damask, etc. Unlike curtains they often feature solid shades as opposed to intricate patterns, to not detract from their length and opacity. To browse through high-quality designs in a variety of sizes consider buying your drapes online!

Use outdoor drapes at a gazebo or patio, to protect yourself from harmful UV Rays or to keep the temperatures from soaring. They can also afford you some privacy when taking an outdoor nap or reading in peace.

Apart from their very practical uses, drapes are known for their decorative potential as well. The top of each drapery panel is always pleated, lending the fabric an elegant and more formal look. From charming box pleats to sophisticated pinch pleats, each kind of pleat adds a unique flair to the overall drape design. And functionally, no other window treatment beats the opacity of drapes for windows. To achieve the same effect with window curtains, they often have to be paired with blinds that go under them.

The best drapes are just as easy to hang up as curtains, with the use of grommets, hooks, and other such implements. And the best part of purchasing drapes online is that you can buy the rod that complements them at the very same place.

Curtains play a starring role in any room. They can complement existing pieces, accent an otherwise neutral scheme, or even bring the whole room together. The right ones can make a space feel like home, and in our collection of curtains, drapes and curtain rods, HomeGoods has them all.

Shop surgical drapes and operating towels here. Surgical drapes are used to keep areas sterile during surgery. They prevent contact with unprepared surfaces and keep the environment and equipment sterile. This reduces the risk of transmission of pathogens to patients and staff. Drapes can be made to be used just once or reusable. There is a considerable amount of variation in sizes and designs based on needs and surgical site. The risk of pathogen transmission increases when materials become wet. A good drape prevents the penetration of liquids. Reusable drapes are typically made of different material than disposable ones. These drapes are usually thicker and are durable after many cycles of resterilizing. Buy them sterile to save time or non-sterile to save money. Find them as small as 4X8 inches to as big as 89X128. Operating towels, or OR towels for short, have many uses and don't necessarily have to be used in operating rooms. They can be used to clean operating tables, tools, and equipment. They are absorbent and meant to handle bodily fluids and other spills. Like drapes, there are disposable and reusable towels. Shop different case quantities for both surgical drapes and operating towels here at Med-Vet International.

With its carefully calculated fullness, mitered corners with corner weights, double-turned hems, and pattern-matched seams, your custom drapes are guaranteed to make your windows the centerpiece of the room. 041b061a72


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